About Marisa

Hi there!

Thank you for visiting my site. My name is Marisa and I am a Photographer. I grew up in my parent’s photography studio and I have immersed myself in this craft since I could hold a camera. I went to Brooks Institute of Photography to hone my skills and since then I have been working to capture moments to make them last forever.

I have two approaches to portrait sessions. It truly depends on what you are looking to capture. One I consider to be ‘A day in the life’ of you! I will basically be your personal paparazzi and only give direction when necessary. It has a very organic feel to it, and it’s especially great for kids!

The other type is more of a structured set up. Both are laid back but this one is more styled and I will be giving more directions. Whether you have been in front of the camera your entire life, or this will be your first time, I strive to make it as fun and enjoyable as possible. I love what I do. And I want you to love it as well!